About Us

One Giant Leap together

We are a collaborative group of organised activists representing twenty trade unions operating in Cork, aiming to achieve decent work and better conditions for everyone, one workplace at a time.


    Working collectively in our workplaces and communities, to improve living and working conditions and achieve significant gains for all workers through greater trade union participation.


    A fairer more equal society, with decent work at its heart enabling all workers to have a better quality of life.


    Deepen the connection and engagement between our activists, our trade unions and our communities to organise workers to better influence change.


    Strengthen our current networks and activities to create a more energised and dynamic local infrastructure to better support all members and workers through the development of innovative trade union actions within the county, in order to increase strength and influence.

    Workers and trade unions are stronger together, and trade unions operating in Cork have made a commitment to work more closely together to achieve our aims.


    The Cork Project team, comprising representatives from all trade unions operating in Cork, meet each month to drive the programme to ensure that the key objectives are achieved. To do this a number of working groups have been established to implement collaborative actions focussing on organising, educating, communicating and campaigning.


    Several working groups are focussing on organising across a variety of sectors on a multi-union collaborative basis as follows:

    HEALTH SECTOR led by Sharon Cregan SIPTU
    RETAIL led by Stephen Kennedy IBOA
    YOUTH and STUDENTS led by Linda Kelly IMPACT

    It is envisaged that further organising groups will be put in place in early 2016 to deal with other key strategic sectors for Cork.


    Educate to Organise is a three-module programme which covers Workers in Society, Workers and the Economy and Workers and their union. It is currently being delivered to activists and organisers across all unions in Cork by SIPTU. This programme is aimed at developing a critical understanding of social, economic and political issues in order to build capacity to effect positive change. It is hoped that other training and education programmes can be developed and delivered on a collaborative basis into the future for all members.


    ONE Cork is committed to providing effective communications to local media to ensure that workers' are well informed about issues relevant to their rights, associated working conditions, campaigns and industrial relations issues which may affect them.

    A multi-union media spokespersons' panel, representing the broadest range of interests, concerns and sectors, has been put in place to ensure that workers and trade union members in Cork have a strong coherent voice which advocates for them and represents their issues and concerns.


    The project group has identified a number of key campaigns across areas of commonality for all workers in the Cork area and these will be rolled out during the course of 2016.

Trade Unions

  • Services Industrial Professional & Technical Union
  • Operative Plasterers and Allied Trades Society of Ireland
  • Financial Services Union

People Involved