Construction qualifications vital for public safety

ONECork has called on the Government to ensure that all tendered public building contracts are staffed and completed by qualified tradespeople, as further news of more schools with fire safety defects emerge.

"Contractors are happy to take a shortcut wherever they can" said Barry Murphy for the Trade Union grouping in Cork.

"And the end result is what we see now with schools and residential building with fire concerns. Grenfell wasn't a once off in London, there are serious questions to be answered here in Cork too. We’ve seen five schools nationally being examined for fire safety flaws. While we welcome legislation that will see a register of sub-contractors, the problem remains that there is no independent verification process for completed works. Public confidence in construction projects must be maintained in order to ensure public safety. One Cork believes that an independent body must be created that actively observes construction projects and workers on site to ensure best standards are met."

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