new building loans will benefit builders not communities

The One Cork Trade Union Movement has criticised measures in this week’s Budget to provide building loans to developers rather than local authorities.

“Now the dust has settled on Budget 2018 we can now see the intended consequences of building measures,” said a One Cork Spokesperson.

“Instead of providing developers with Loans the Government should be actively encouraged to provide local authorities with the finances for direct builds. The OneCork Housing Plan, which was adopted by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, is the blueprint to adopt.”

“The OneCork Plan would have secured decent work for those in the construction industry as the Local Authorities would have to meet standards. As of now, we have no clarity on what terms and conditions will be laid down to developers claiming the loan.”

OneCork has been actively lobbying both Cork City & County Councils to adopt the housing plan. 

“It seems the Government, despite its rhetoric, is determined to blindly follow its ideological gut and support developers rather than communities.”

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